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If you violate a U.S. government law, you could be accused of committing a federal crime. Various government agencies investigate these types of offenses and charges come after a thorough review of the facts of the circumstances. That means when you are arrested for an alleged crime, the prosecutor has most likely already built a strong case against you. Generally, federal crimes are penalized more harshly than state crimes, and if you are convicted, you could be looking at years in prison and thousands of dollars in fines.

With your reputation, freedom, and future at stake, it is important to have a seasoned attorney on your side who knows the federal court rules and processes. At The Law Offices of David E. Levine, our lawyer has over 25 years of experience handling various criminal matters and protecting the rights of those accused of committing offenses. We have an in-depth understanding of the law and how to build an aggressive defense to challenge the accusations made against you.

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What Is the Process of Prosecuting Federal Crimes?

Typically, the federal crimes prosecution process begins with an investigation conducted by one or multiple government agencies such as the FBI, DEA, IRS, or the Secret Service. After investigators have built a case, they file a Complaint with a Federal District Court, which establishes probable cause for your role in the alleged crime. Law enforcement then obtains a warrant to make an arrest.

After an arrest is made, you may go through a series of hearings that inform you of the charges you’re facing, determine whether not you should be detained or released until trial, or determine if the U.S. Attorney has probable cause to pursue the case. During the court processes, you can have a lawyer by your side, fighting to protect your rights.

When you hire our team for effective legal counsel, we will provide you with solid advice and guidance throughout your case.

Our Brooklyn attorney provides defense for the following types of federal charges:

  • RICO prosecutions: These are matters concerning organized crime activity.
  • Conspiracy: Accusations for these types of offenses arise when people plan to commit a crime that violates federal laws and do something to further the commission of the offense.
  • Medicare/Medicaid fraud: A person could be prosecuted for this offense if they knowingly receive benefits they’re not entitled to.
  • Money laundering: This offense occurs when a person conducts financial transactions to conceal the source of money they know came from criminal activity.
  • Mail/wire fraud: Charges for this offense come about when a person uses mail services to further a fraud scheme.

What Are the Potential Conviction Penalties for a Federal Crime?

If you are convicted of a federal crime, you could face severe consequences, which usually include prison time and/or a fine. The term of imprisonment and the amount of the fine depend on the type of offense allegedly committed and the specifics of your circumstances. For instance, a money laundering conviction could carry with it a prison term of up to 20 years and/or a fine of up to $500,000. Conspiracy could result in a 5-year prison sentence and/or a fine.

To land a conviction, the U.S. Attorney must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that you violated all elements of the alleged offense. This involves presenting evidence that supports their arguments. If your rights were violated at any time during the process or the testimony or documents the prosecutor submits don’t prove you broke the law, their case could be weakened.

Our Brooklyn attorney will conduct a detailed assessment of your situation and the evidence submitted to spot flaws in the prosecutor’s case. We will work hard toward increasing the chance of securing a favorable outcome on your behalf.

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