Violations of Orders of Protection

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If you have been charged with violation of orders of protection, it is important to have competent legal defense.  These violations are for contempt of court and a judge may see fit to put you in jail or assess a heavy fine.  A seasoned legal defense attorney may be able to persuade the judge that you had a misunderstanding and let the matter pass.  You are urged to contact a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer for energetic help.

Orders of Protection

A court may issue orders of protection in cases where there has been harassment or domestic violence.  The order may be against a current or former spouse, party a person has had a child with, family member or person with whom one has had an intimate relationship.  Acts for which orders of protection may be issued include stalking, assault, attempted assault, menacing, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct.  The order may prohibit the other party from committing any of above crimes.  The order may also require the party to move out of the house and to stay away from any of the places the complainant frequents such as job, gym or school.  The judge may extend the order to include the children and require that any visitation be under supervision. 

If you are under an order it is important to follow these rules faithfully.  Even if your spouse relents and invites you back, you must get the order lifted before returning.  Otherwise the police may arrest you. 

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Brooklyn

At The Law Offices of David E. Levine, we vigorously defend clients charged with violation of orders of protection in Brooklyn.  When we are retained we make every effort to diffuse the situation. In court we raise defenses based on mistake and lack of criminal intent.  We also contact the other party and seek modification of the order to allow our client rebuild the relationship.

Contact a Brooklyn Criminal Defense Attorney at the firm for energetic defense if you are charged with violations of orders of protection.