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Felony Defense

Have You Been Arrested for a Felony?

A felony describes a category of crimes are of a more serious nature in comparison to misdemeanors. The main determining characteristic of a felony is that following a conviction, you are sentenced to incarceration for one year or longer. You time will be served out in a state prison instead of a local or county jail. Fines and other punishments are much harsher and unforgiving than those connected with a misdemeanor.

If you have been charged with a felony, you may be concerned about going to jail, receiving probation, deportation, incurring fines and suffering loss of reputation. You may feel alone and vulnerable to a cruel and callous criminal justice system. You need to know that there is hope and you can obtain effective help. Getting arrested does not mean that you are determined guilty of a crime. It is important to remember however, not to make any statements to law enforcement officials without an attorney present, in the small chance that you say anything to incriminate yourself. A Brooklyn criminal defense attorney can aggressively defend your rights and improve your chances of dismissal or reduction of charges.

Rights of a Felony Defendant

You have rights which your attorney can use to seek an optimum result in your case. Some of these include:

  • Right to Bail: Except in unusual cases you will be able to have bail set and get out of jail while defending yourself against charges.
  • Right against Unreasonable Search and Seizure: You have a right to be free from police search except upon probable cause. Your attorney will move to suppress evidence unlawfully seized.
  • Right to Remain Silent: You do not have to answer police questions. If the police have used duress to obtain a confession from you or failed to notify you of your rights, your attorney may move to suppress the confession. In court you do not have to take the stand but may leave it up to the prosecutor to prove the case with its own evidence.
  • Right of Cross-Examination: Through your attorney, you may cross-examine all witnesses presenting testimony against you. This is your opportunity to expose false data and lies.
  • Right to Jury: You may have your case decided by a jury of your peers. Your attorney may forcefully present your defense to the jury and appeal for acquittal of charges.

Superior Legal Defense You Can Trust

At The Law Office of David E. Levine, we provide aggressive legal defense to clients charged with felonies in the Brooklyn area. The law can be harsh and unforgiving at times and we feel there is no greater obligation or duty than to protect the constitutional rights of the criminally charged. We understand the serious consequences of conviction and we will work tirelessly to defend our clients' rights and aggressively seek to achieve dismissal or acquittal of charges. Contact a Brooklyn Criminal Lawyer at the firm for vigilant defense against felony charges.

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