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DUI/DWI in Brooklyn

Caught driving under the influence?

Our state lawmakers have made the penalties for DUI (or DWI) more and more extreme as time passes. Even a first time DUI offense, if convicted, can lead to jail time, community service, steep fines and a suspended license. Those who have earlier convictions on record will be struggling with even more severe repercussions, and could be charged with a felony offense. When an accident or injury occurred and you were later charged with DUI, if convicted you could be sent to state prison and lose many future opportunities, including the ability to vote, own a gun and carry professional licenses. This is a very serious legal matter and should be addressed with the help of a skilled Brooklyn criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of David E. Levine. Some people choose to be apathetic and just plead guilty; had they decided that they wanted to fight the charge they may have avoided the penalties.

Defending Intoxication Charges

No testing equipment is 100% accurate; investigating the procedures used in breathalyzer, blood or urine testing is important when seeking to defend a DUI charge. Some units are improperly calibrated, may have a history of faulty readings, or the procedure used in administering the test was incorrect. We are very familiar with all the aspects of evidence in DWI cases and will immediately review your situation and advise you what can be done to reduce the damage. In many cases we have taken on, overzealous law enforcement has failed to correctly administer the test, or failed to have probable cause to pull you over in the first place, and when such violations are identified, we take action to have it suppressed and made inadmissible in court. Without evidence, your case is likely to be dismissed. Other more serious DUI charges may require an extremely aggressive approach to defend your case, but that is what we do - each and every day.

If you are looking for an attorney to just stand there while you plead guilty, we are not for you. We seek out the options to defend your case, and will make a painstaking review of every detail of the evidence against you. When there were errors in police procedure in the arrest, we will expose it to the court. Don't take chances with your future. Contact our firm today for high quality, aggressive DUI defense. Contact a Brooklyn criminal defense lawyer from our firm for high quality legal representation with a proven record in court.

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